Hello! My name is Mashimoto Kaji. Yes, I’m Japanese but I grew up here in the US – but of course with a usual visit to my home country and not forgetting our culture. My family owns a car repair shop in one of the towns of Japan. It was started by my grandfather, who we address as Jiji (Ojisan), and who I idolize A LOT.

We can go for hours of talking just about cars; news, updates, latest models, tips & tricks, and everything relating to automotive. Through this bond, I grew a passion for cars. I’ve learned a lot from my grandfather and through all the events I’ve been to. And now, I am on the road to being next in line to manage our car repair business and I am fully equipped with all the desires to run it. I’m filled with passion for cars which makes me a lifelong learner of it. And I would like to share all my helpful knowledge and insights with you guys!

Join me in this venture! And I hope everything you read here may help you.