Ride Share VS. Private Driver – Pros & Cons


While traveling away from home, ride-share companies and private limousine companies are among the options for transportation. They both offer advantages over utilizing the public transit system, but one of them is a better choice than the other.

To assist you in choosing the one that is best for you, here are some of the pros and cons of each type of service.

Ride-Share PROS


Rideshare company drivers are plentiful and can be easily accessed through their company’s apps with the use of a cellular phone. Regardless of the day or time of day; in many major cities, a ride-share company driver can pick up a customer at a moment’s notice. There is no pre-planning involved in the passenger or the driver.


When you are traveling, utilizing a ride-share company can be more economical than renting a vehicle. With a ride-share company, you only have to pay for transportation when you are going to use it and don’t have to pay parking fees. Ride-share companies can also help streamline your travel arrangements by eliminating the time spent standing in line to rent or return a rental car.

Ride-Share CONS

Riding with stranger

When you get into the vehicle operated by a ride-share driver, you have to be extra careful to ensure it’s safe. The reality is that you are riding with a stranger. Look at the driver of the ride-share vehicle to make sure that the person is the same person pictured on the ride-share app. Check to make sure it’s the correct type of vehicle and that the vehicle’s tag number matches. Tell someone else where you are going and that you are utilizing the services of the ride-share company. These are some of the recommended safety tips to follow when using the service of a ride-share company.

Private Driver PROS


When you hire a private driver, you don’t have to worry about hailing a taxi or calling a ride-share company. The chauffeur of the limousine service will arrive to pick you up on time and ensure that you arrive at your scheduled meeting, appointments, or other destination on time. Having a scheduled limousine chauffeur gives you the peace of mind of knowing how you are going to get from place to place.


Limousine companies utilize the most luxurious cars available. Regardless of your occasion: a business meeting, wedding, or special celebration, you will arrive in style. From one to five passengers usually fit comfortably in limousine service vehicles. Larger vehicles are available to accommodate larger parties. These luxurious vehicles have leather seats, leather interior, GPS navigation, and a quality sound system.


Some ride-share companies require their drivers to utilize vehicles that are no more than four years old. However, most private limousine companies make sure their fleet of vehicles is updated every two years.

Limousine chauffeurs are experienced drivers and receive expert vehicle driving skills training.

Limousine chauffeurs also receive training on how to handle various emergency situations to help ensure the safety of their passengers.

Many private transportation companies have dedicated mechanics who perform maintenance checks and maintain their fleet. The vehicles are equipped with fire extinguishers, first aid kits, and roadside flares.

The limousine service vehicles are cleaned after transporting each passenger to help ensure a safe and healthy ride for the next passenger.


Limousine service chauffeurs are required to be registered and licensed. At Passaic Limousines and Party Buses, our well-trained chauffeurs have excellent interpersonal skills and know-how to communicate with all types of clients.

Private Driver CONS

When you hire a limousine service, you must plan and schedule your pick up. Calling a limousine service ahead of time to schedule an appointment, is a minor inconvenience to ensure that you receive the service of an experienced chauffeur from a professional company.