10 Practical Ways to Keep Your Car Interior Clean

Car owners do not spend enough time, effort, and money for their car’s interior as much as they spend on the exterior. If you are one of them, by all means, pay attention to your interior too! An unclean car interior can be unsightly and can be a breeding ground for germs and viruses. Besides, maintaining the cleanliness of your interior can help in adding years to its usage. Here are simple ways to keep your car interior clean:

1. Have a Designated Trash Can

Make it convenient for everyone to throw their trash like candy wrappers, tissue, bottles, and coffee cups. This may be as simple as a plastic bag hanged from the back of a passenger seat. Not only will you maintain the cleanliness inside your car, but also lessen in littering the environment!

2. Clean Surfaces

Our hands tend to leave grime on the surfaces of the interior then accumulates dust on it. Make it a habit to wipe the surfaces regularly with baby wipes or a clean rag kept in your car always.

3. Avoid Eating Inside

This may be hard to do but it will be extremely helpful in eliminating unpleasant odor and food droppings. Maintain your car as a dine-free zone. But if you REALLY need to eat inside your car and have no choice, just be sure to keep trash bags stored in your car and clean up immediately after eating.

4. Stomp Off Your Shoes

Keep debris out of your floor mats by making this a habit. Your shoes can bring dirt, sand, and mud into your car. Sit on your seat sideways and bang both feet together. Do this especially in sandy areas like on a beach. Now put in your feet back inside – minus the debris build-ups.

5. Don’t Let Spills Set

You can never avoid spills especially when you have kids riding in your car. Don’t allow the upholstery to soak in the spill and leave it there for a long time – this can cause a stain and growth of mold. Have a clean rag you can use in case someone spills something. Or better yet, enforce the “no eating and drinking inside the car” rule.

6. Windows Closed Please

You can deal with a higher amount of dust and dirt build up when you leave your windows or sun proof slightly open when parked. Stop this habit and make it a point to close every opening even small cracks to cut down on dirt build-up.

7. Keep Baby Wipes

Store some hygienic baby wipes in your glove compartment at all times. Our hands can get grease from food and contain germs. Make it a habit to wipe your hands before touching the steering wheel. Also, this is best to use for unexpected spills.

8. Be Organized

Don’t just get rid of clutter from your home and office desk – you car interior also deserved to be organized! Get rid of receipts, papers, documents, and other piles inside the car. Invest in car accessories that are meant to organize your things inside.

9. Don’t Smoke

Cigarette smell inside your car is one of the hardest to get rid of. Do not smoke inside your car as the smoke can cling to your upholstery.

10. ShakeOut Mats

Be consistent in doing this and build a habit of shaking your mats regularly.This will get rid of debris build-up coming from your shoes.