The Porsche 911 Car

Since 1964 the Porsche 911 model has been the envy of every car lover dreaming to drive a sports luxury car.

In fact, it has been so successful that it is one of the oldest sports coupé nameplates still in production. And, although, it has been modified over time, the basic concept and dynamic spirit remain the same. 

What makes the Porsche 911 so iconic? 

Besides its incredible name, some of its more peculiar characteristics are circular headlights, a unique shape, astonishing acceleration, flawless performance, and a high-quality interior that’s actually comfortable, always a nice trait for a sport’s car. 

One of the thing that makes the Porsche 911 so loved it’s that it can be personalized for all tastes, because as usual, Porsche is all about the details.

What are some of the changes to the 2021 Porsche 911? 

For starts, the new Python Green paint. Also, programmable GPS capability for the optional front-axle lift system, ventilated front-seat cushions, multifunction GT steering wheel, better brakes, blind-spot monitoring, night vision, and Porsche’s Dynamic Light System Plus which allows the automatic high-beams and headlights to swivel in the direction the front tires are pointed.

This year Porsche adds the 572-horsepower Turbo and 640-horsepower Turbo S variants to the lineup and reintroduces the Targa body style, which is a type of partial convertible with a retractable center roof panel.

Another significant change is that before, the shell and skin were two-thirds steel. Now it’s only one-third, the rest being aluminum in sheet, extrusion, and cast forms making a perfect balance. 

Not only the 911 exterior has changed, but also the interior is new and has a mix of reconfigurable touch screens –featuring a 10.9-inch touchscreen integrated into the middle of the dashboard- and buttons, even including a cup holder in the center. 

To enjoy the ride, even more, Porsche does provide two high-end surround-sound systems that include a 12-speaker Bose unit and a 13-speaker Burmester stereo.

The Sport Chrono package will include a digital tire-temperature display in the gauge cluster, additional drive modes, and more. 

The one thing that remains unaltered is the classic tiny back seats.

What is the version for you? 

The basic lineup is Carrera, Carrera S, Turbo, and Turbo S.

The Porsche 911 Carrera can accelerate from zero to 60 mph in just four seconds and reach a top speed of 180 mph. The 911 Carrera S boasts a zero-to-60 time of 3.5 seconds. The 911 Turbo and Turbo S models can dash from zero to 60 mph in 2.7 and 2.6 seconds, respectively.

Let’s analyze more in-depth the Carrera S and 4S. 

Both have 30 more horses than before. The S version’s increased output nets 64 more horses than the standard Carrera and The PDK transmission is an entirely new eight-speeder mostly about saving fuel at speed.

All Carreras have a quick-shifting eight-speed automatic transmission, and S models have a seven-speed manual. All come with standard rear-wheel drive but they can be equipped with all-wheel drive for four-season high-performance driving.

Those who want to use their 911 year-round even in winter weather will enjoy the 4S’s all-wheel-drive system. Carrera S has been proven to have amazing traction in adverse weather conditions. 

As we’ve seen, the new 2021 Porsche 911 is a joy to drive and it’s the perfect mix of the classic luxury of passing decades and modern design and technology.