Mistakes first time car owners make

Having or purchasing a car is one of the most important things in life you should be proud of, it means you have earned it through your hard work. Although buying a car is not cheap but owning one is expensive. Why? If you purchase a car, you will pay for tax, for gasoline, and for toll fees. Not only that, given the fact that every car needs maintenance, some cars’ maintenance could be pricey depending on the car you have. Or if you want to purchase gadgets for your car, some gadgets are expensive, or if you want to upgrade your cars’ performance, it could be expensive.

Additionally, accidents are avoidable but still happen, and accidents that damage your car could be expensive, having a small dent repaired could be pricey, or what if you got involved into an accident and got someone hospitalized? You’re not only going to be paying the fees to repair the car, you’re also going to be paying the person’s hospital fees, and other fees included. So buying a car could either be cheap or expensive, but whether it’s cheap or expensive, owning a car is expensive.

So owning a car is no joke, before purchasing a car, make sure you have the right knowledge and the right financial status to own one. Sometimes we don’t notice that the small things we do with our car are damaging it, this happens to first-time car owners, so that’s why we have provided you below the mistakes first-time car owners make.

Absence of practicality

When you purchase a car, make sure it suits what you need. If you’re a solo person who lives alone and has no partner, it’s better for you to just buy a sedan type car, if you have a big family purchase an SUV or a minivan, or if you love to travel with friends on long road trips, purchase a van, if you love to go on off-road adventures buy a 4×4 SUV. Just make sure that the car you are about to purchase suits your needs.

Washing your car through a car wash

Washing your car through a car wash is not my advice, because these carwashes might have fragments that could scratch your paint job. It is better to bring your car to a car wash with manpower used to wash your car, or just wash your car by yourself.

Using chemicals under the sun

When washing your car, avoid giving it a wash under the sun, the chemicals in the soap you are using may have a negative effect when you use it under the scorching heat of the sun. Likewise, when applying wax to your car, avoid applying wax under the heat of the sun as the chemical could damage the paint job. Make sure to wait until the sun sets, or wash your car inside your garage.

Immediately driving off when starting the car

This is one of the common mistakes car owners make, they start their car and immediately drive off. If you start your car, wait for 15 to 30 seconds until you drive off, this is to make sure that the oil has completely reached all parts of your vehicle.

Mixing up fuel

When you mix up fuel in your car, problems could occur that could be expensive to fix. Make sure you always know what fuel to put in your car, and always have a presence of mind.

Immediately revving

This is another common mistake car owners make, driving off then revving your car immediately. Always wait for your engine to warm up before going on a high speed.