Tips to Prolong Your Car’s Lifespan

Let us start off this blog with an article with the absolute most significant thing you can do for your car – its Repair and maintenance! If we want a long-living, good-looking car, we must commit ourselves to look after it. Regular care is all it needs so you can take advantage of it full for the longest time. Here are some Car Care Tips on how to maintain your valuable, loving car!

Change Your Oil

This is what we typically hear and one of the basic advice you will receive from your auto mechanic. Well, you won’t hear this frequently if it doesn’t do any good to your car, right? Treat the oil as your engine’s blood. So any leaks should be repaired as soon as possible since all loss is critical. Have your oils changed every 3,000 miles and you’ll see to it to keep the engine running smoothly.


Understand how to examine your transmission fluid level on a regular basis, keeping it at the desired level. It is also preferred to be changed for every 50,000 miles – to preserve the correct lubrication of all moving parts in there. Always check your user’s manual to understand what type of fluid to utilize.4.


Maintaining your coolant level is VERY important – if not, it may ruin your engine. Coolants are important since it prevents your engine to heat up or to freeze during winter. Also be sure your cooling fans, hoses and water pump are in great working condition.

Tip: Never open the coolant cap when the car is warm. It may trigger a sudden spurt of steam that may cause you serious burns. Always be cautious and wait for the car to totally cool down.

Spark Plugs.

This is what ignites the mixture of fuel and air in a car’s cylinder. Gradually, the spark plugs get old and continue with wear and tear. These need to be checked on and changed as required.

Air Filter.

Filters need to be cleaned up and unclogged as required. If this isn’t properly examined, it won’t work appropriately and may have consequences on the fuel efficiency of the car and the way it accelerates.


Brake linings are truly meant to wear down and eventually are needed to be changed. I suggest having a professional mechanic do it because it will need you to jack the car up and remove the wheels. The lining is important since it secures the brake disks and other important parts of the brake.

Also, be sure to check your brake fluids. It is recommended to change it every 2 years since certain temperatures can create the fluid to boil and vaporize which can cause brake failure.


This is one aspect that is very important but commonly ignored. Preserve the air pressure in them, as much as possible. Tires are really vulnerable to damage, that’s why regularly checking for damages is crucial. Always remember, the better your tires are, the better the performance and the less risk of an incident.

Give your car the care and maintenance it needs and it will be your loyal buddy for a long period of time.